Land Speed Record in Miniature
Lledo Blue Bird in Ferodo Packaging,  also has Ferodo decal on side of car
You will notice the changes to the tail and nose  on these RAE models
The model on the far right is possibly by Lledo
Barclays produced two models of the 1935 Blue Bird, the Bonneville version was larger than the Daytona version
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These two cars look the same but have different flags on the front and rear, the  Arnold says Cord Balloon and the car on the right says Cord Success
Card model of 1935 Blue Bird
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Land Speed Record in Miniature

HB Blue Bird
Charbens Blue Bird
Wells Blue Bird
Western Blue Bird Kit
Britains Blue Bird
Britains Blue Bird 1935
Britains Blue Bird
Western Blue Bird
Western Blue Bird
Streamliner Designs
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Feodo Blue Bird
Lledo Blue Bird
Lledo 1935
Lledo picture box
1935 Blue Bird by Lledo
1935 Bonneville
Rampini Blue Bird
Schrock Bros Blue Bird
Blue Bird concept
Blue Bird concept
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Piccolino Blue Bird
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Barclays Blue Bird
1935 Blue Bird  by Barclays USA  (Daytona)
Photo Vectis Auctions
Barclays Blue Bird
Card Blue Bird
Blue Bird
1935 Blue Bird
Blue Bird Daytona
Blue Bird Richtoys
Both flags are USA
blue bird 1935
blue bird grey
blue bird nickle
Recent information suggests this model is made from flour baked at a very high temprature
blue bird
eccles bros
blue bird 1935
arnold blue bird
blue bird 1935 tin
By Lindstrom
blue bird 35
blue bird ar
blue bird marklin
blue bird betal
dixon bros blue bird
The car above and below have D W London on the wheels, this could be Dixon Brothers and Wood of London.
tip top toys
blue bird et farine
blue bird 1935
meccano blue bird
Blue Bird 1935
blue bird 1935 barclay
Top car is the 1935 Blue Bird (Bonneville)
by Barclays, bottom car could be by Eccles Bros or a restored Kansas Toys