Land Speed Record in Miniature

Land Speed Record in Miniature

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Lledo LSR Cars

Lledo Land Speed Legends, contains all five of their record cars
You could get the cars from Kellogg's one at a time  or get all four  together with a wall chart almost six feet wide and with a set of the cars pre cut on the card that could be "popped out" and slotted on to the chart. The cars came in simple card boxes with the initial of the car to identify them, the insert was of a very fragile plastic that was almost impossible to remove without damage.

Railton Special 1/87

Bluebird 1/80

Sonic 1 1/100

Thrust 2 1/80

Thrust SSC 1/99
Aproximate scale of Lledo cars
Lledo 1935 Bluebird in Ferodo packaging to celebrate 100 years of the brake manufacturer.
This autographed picture box was available through the Mach 1 club and at promotional events
This edition of Thrust SSC was available through the Mach 1 club and at promotional events, limited to 10,000  satin finish
Packaging for the aluminium coloured  Jordanian desert model
Packaging for the gold edition model was the same as the regular black car
The cars were available in gold, silver/aluminium, black and silver, satin black and gloss black with a black or grey  base
Corgi Land Speed Legends
After Corgi bought Lledo they reissued the LSR cars with a few small changes
corgi 1935
The Corgi car is a slightly darker shade of blue, the rear wheels have a deeper recess and the Union flag is different
m & s
corgi railton
The Corgi Railton Special has a brighter finish, the winged horse decal is smaller and a different font was used for  Railton Mobil Special
corgi thrust
A lighter shade of gold was used for the Corgi Thrust 2, the sponsers are the same but a different font was used and the Union flag is larger
white ssc
The only time I have seen this box it was on ebay. I believe it was available at promotional events
thrust box
thrust ssc
Packaging for the black Jordanian edition
corgi thrust
Below is the packaging for the Coventry Transport Museum Corgi Thrust SSC, the car is the same as the Land Speed Legends edition
railton enfield
brooklands box
Brooklands Museum packaging
corgi thrust ssc