Land Speed Record in Miniature
This 1/43 Brumm model of the Fiat Mephistopheles was converted to how the car looked when it was know as the Fiat Eldridge, driven by Ernest Eldridge in 1924.  The conversion was done by Stuart Delf of Touchwood Models,  Pictures provided by Jason Ferns. Should this car be black ? It looks black in photographs, red can look like black in an old black and white photo, but an article written at the time of the record run by someone who was present describes it as being red.
fiat side
fiat rear
black fiat
fiat conversion
start line
black brumm
protar built
protar kit
brumm fiat
Kit parts for the Protar  1/12 model
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Brumm issued a black version of the car a number of years ago, and it was available with an Italian magazine in 2010 but I do not know if it was given a full re-issue at that time.
Land Speed Record in Miniature

Fiat Eldridge / Mephistopheles

1909  1926
fiat mephistopheles
Italeri upgraded the Protar model read the review HERE
fiat italeri
fiat brumm