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Land Speed Record in Miniature
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Land Speed Record in Miniature

Bluebird pic
Bluebird Mach 1
Bluebird bizarre
Bluebird Delta
Bluebird Corgi
Bluebird Etruria
Bluebird Pinto
Bluebird Pinto
Bluebid HB
Bluebird HK
Bluebird HK
Bluebird Western
Laurie Toys
CN7 Mach One
Bluebird Speedline
Bluebird Hoover
Bluebird HK
Bluebird Jetex
1/20 scale  Bluebird by Speedline Models
Bluebird CN7  from Hong Kong
This is a Corgi model that has had the panel lines and rivet heads removed, air intakes and tail fin added. The cockpit canopy has been modified and  British - Australian decals on the front. It has SBP No4 Bluebird Proteus 1985 engraved underneath
These three images are of  the toy made by Laurie Toys, it is about 9 inches long 230mm
These models of  Bluebird  (land & water) were produced by Jetex and used Jetex 50 pellets for propulsion
Bluebird pic
Bluebird Replicast
Bluebird Tamiya
Bluebird model kit  by Tamiya
Bluebird corgi
Corgi Bluebird approximate scale 1/72
Bluebird CN7
Bluebird Tamiya
Bluebird squeaky toy
bluebird kelloggs
bluebird everife
Made by Cherilea
bravo delta
bluebird cn7
bluebird cn7
bluebird cn7
These models of Bluebird were made by Calibre Models  www.calibremodels.co.uk    I do not know the scale
but they could be about 1/8th
                       photos by Calibre Models
campbell breedlove
This model was used for promotional events by Craig Breedlove & Associates
bluebird cn7